Opera is simple

… And it’s not a bunch of fat men and women screaming away in Viking clothes, without anybody understanding or being able to hear a word of what they’re saying.

Instead, it’s an Art-form that’s been around for many hundreds of years. And back in the 19th-, and 20th century is had a social and political impact that changed history, overthrew tyrants, and formed states.

Simple Opera

is a tool for preparing before going to the Opera. Next time someone invites you to the big Theater, first say yes. Then come back here and in half an hour I will get you ready for the experience of a lifetime. 

This is how it works

Going to the opera is not like going to the movies or even to the theater. At the Opera, you normally have to know what’s going to happen. Don’t worry, it’s more like seeing your favourite movie once more, than knowing who “did it” even before starting the thriller or the detective-story. I will give you a full Synopsis.

 Then you should know a little about the different characters, and something about the vocality… What kind of voices they have. I will point out a few attributes the singers should have or not have. So you will be prepared if you should run into any self-appointed Opera-expert.

Last I’ll give you a rough timetable on what’s happening on stage. A simple sheet that is downloadable so you can keep it in your pocket. Before the performance and during the intervall, it will help you to remember  what to look out for and when. 

…If nobody should invite you to the Opera, then just check out what they are doing at your nearest Opera house. And remember that there are small Opera companies, Schools, Associations, and Amateur-groups. Sometimes they’re just as good as the big fancy Stage productions.

And if, at the end of the day, you don’t want to go out at all. You can still read through the story-lines. At the bottom of every Opera-Page, I will put an example of an awesome production of that same Opera… On Youtube, on some other site, or a DVD.

… So now, Let’s dive into the Wonderful World of Opera…